Code Kraken

Let There Be Light

My name is Anton, I work as a Software Engineer and in the past seven years I worked in many different development roles.

One of my favourite things to read online are professional blog posts written by interesting people. In many cases I can relate to their experience and see a different way to solve a problem I already encountered. There where even a few posts that I consider as invaluable as they inspired me to become a better Developer.

My first teacher used to say : “There is something to learn from anyone” which means that you can learn a piece of knowledge that will benefit you from practically anyone. Whether it’s from his achievement, innovative solution or from his mistake any person can teach you something. Therefore after a lot of self deliberation I decided to start my own professional blog. I try to stay current with the technologies I find interesting but, as any developer knows it’s a struggle. There is an abundance of information on everything so it’s very difficult to read it all. One of my objectives in starting this blog is to commit myself to learn something new at least once a week.

Here I will post each week a professional problem I encountered and the way I tackled it. In other cases I will review technologies interesting to me at that time and my struggles with them.

I truly hope that when you read my posts and find anything that you disagree with or support you will let me know as it will help all future readers including myself.

So without further ado, let there be light.